Seasonal Dock Space Rates

A New York summer is far too short to waste your time trailering your boat! Swinging Bridge Marina offers ample dock space for you to leave your boat right where it the water. The amount of time you spend loading and unloading, waiting for launch access (we have all been stuck behind those people who take forever, it happens) It can all be avoided. We know how much you value your recreational time. Our reasonable pricing makes it so easy to make renting seasonal dock space a reality. Got a few hours after work? Don't miss a gorgeous night on the water, a last minute day off, nights of beautiful sunsets...all  because its just too much work to hook up the trailer, get boat ready, pack, launch etc...

Our 2019 Summer season runs from

 May 1, 2019 till  September 15, 2019


​Seasonal rate must be paid in full at start of  contract.

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