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Vinyl Interior Replacement

Over time sun, water and general wear and tear take its toll on your interiors. Do you have mildew staining you cant remove? Holes and cracks allow moisture into unwanted places. Unsightly tape driving you nuts? Replacing your interior is a fantastic way to give your boat an incredible facelift! Do not pass up a call to us with the notion it will be out of your price range. You may be pleasantly surprised just how reasonable your boat interior may be! We also do carpet installation as well to compliment your new seats. Give us a call today.

Keep your watercraft on the water longer with complete boat repairs from Swinging Bridge  Marina. No matter the size of the job, feel at ease knowing our pros will get it done and your watercraft will be back on the water in no time.


winterization and over winter storage $550.00

​Shrink wrap $12.50 per square foot

​Acid wash hull $90.00

Swinging Bridge Marina


Have your covers gotten a little shabby? Don't let your boat deteriorate out in the elements! Our boat covers are made to order and will fit like a glove. Contact us for a quote!

Tis the season...

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner! We have the best mechanics around and our service calendar is filling up very quickly. To ensure you have a hassle free boating season, contact our service department to schedule any pre season maintenance. Preventative maintenance is always best. Talk with one of our skilled technicians about a service plan tailored to you and your boating needs.

​Is your boat in storage? Need it ready for an outing? Let us know what your plans are so we can ensure it is in ship shape and ready when you are!


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